Labor for your neighbor

LABOR FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR has been POSTPONED due to inclement weather and is rescheduled for next Sunday, August 13.

Join us Sunday for services @ Freshwater -- 9:30 & 11 am.

This Sunday, August 13, we will be serving at the Koinonia House, a local men's recovery home (1008 West McCarty).  We will start PROMPTLY at 9:30 and hope to be done by 12:30.  Parking is limited at the House so we ask that you drop your party and equipment/tools off at the house, proceed to the parking lot of Love Your Style located at 907 West McCarty (corner of McCarty and Industrial Drive).

Childcare, for children birth-3rd grade, will be provided at the freshwater warehouse for families working at the Koinonia House. Please sign your children up at the Connect Table.

labor for your neighbor teams

Team sign up sheets are located on the CONNECT TABLE at the Freshwater Warehouse.

Team descriptions and leaders are listed below.

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Marci Porter
The painting crew will paint baseboard and door trim in all rooms downstairs and upstairs. The entrance and upstairs NE and NW entire room and kitchen ceiling need painted. All furniture used by current residents will need to be moved and/or covered. 36

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Jason Volkart
The construction crew will replace a vanity, toilet, and build shelves above the washer/dryer as well as the NE corner (6 shelves high)in the upstairs bathroom; build wide shelves (5 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall) in the NW upstairs porch; build selves (3.5 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall by 8 inches deep) and add/redo pantry shelves in upstairs kitchen; build shelves for food bank in basement (12 ft. wide by 2 ft. deep by 6 ft. tall). 8

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Brooks Crawford
Outside construction will consist of closing in below the outside stairwell with door to the north; removing and recovering the area below the front porch; placing gravel between the porch and sidewalk in front and SW corner. 10

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Daniel Sybouts
The flooring crew will install manufactured flooring in the upstairs hallway and adjoining bathroom (19 ft long by 7 ft wide); will install indoor/outdoor style carpet on the upstairs stairs (13 stairs long by 3 ft wide). 4

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Chris Roney
The recreation/parking crew will build a horseshoe pit, basketball goal, fire pit, and set up patio tables/chairs and barbeque grill in the back parking/yard area; gravel the parking area with a load of gravel; landscape the east side of the house with the timbers and plants. 14

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Eric Call
The concrete crew will prepare an area approximately 20 ft by 25 ft and then pour concrete in the area. This work will take place near but not on August 6th. The exact date of pouring will be determined by the team leader. 5

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Andy Roselius
The removal crew will move a bush and other small brush on the west side near the fence and will facilitate the total removal of 2 VERY large pine trees along the east property line. Professionals may be used to down the trees. The team will remove the trees from the property. 5

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Tara Snellen
Lunch will be prepared at the warehouse and served onsite. Due to the limited space of non work areas in the building, lunch will be served outside. Plan on 110 to 120 people. 8

Team Leader Project Details Team Size
Shayna Sinor
The childcare team will provide childcare for children up through 3rd grade for families working at the Kiononia House. This team will provide care at the warehouse. 8