New Building

At the 2017 Annual Family Meeting, Freshwater Church met to discuss the future building that will be constructed on the land owned by the church on Tanner Bridge.  We reviewed plans and watched a video walkthrough of the video.  All finishes (such as colors, etc.) will change.

Questions answered about the property include:

Is this really needed?  Yes.  In the last four years attendance increased from a handful of people to about 350 per Sunday with a high attendance 384 set in late Oct 2017.  At this rate, we will max out our current facility very soon.  We  currently have over 20 adults that are in the Partnership process.  As of right now, we have 5 baptisms (4 of which are young adults) scheduled within the next month.  This facility will help us continue in our mission of helping people become totally-committed followers of Jesus Christ.

This building seems really big.  Is it?  No, it is not.  The planned building is actually smaller than the total building that we currently lease space in.  This new building will (potentially) allow us to grow to accommodate about 450 people per service including children.

Can we afford it?  We're determining this right now.  The Elders may choose to wait until we break ground in order to save money.  We will continue to evaluate giving and anticipated construction costs so that we can make a wise decision regarding how to proceed financially.

What's next?  Our next step is to have a professional project cost estimate completed.  We will inform the church when we have those figures.

Will there be a maintenance area?  We're looking into that.

Where will the baptistery be?  We're not sure.  We may continue to use our current portable baptistery.

When we are in the building, will we have one Sunday morning service, or two?  As of right now, we plan on continuing with two.  Two services allows those that serve on a regular basis to still be in the Sunday Morning service.

Will we be doing additional fundraising?  Most likely.  We will wait to see what estimated construction costs are.

How long will the construction time be?  We do not yet know the estimated timeline.  As soon as we know, we will communicate that timeline to the church.

Walk Through Video - click here

Building Plan - click here

Building Design - click here