Freshwater missions exist to make totally committed followers of Jesus Christ from your front door to across the globe.

Freshwater Church supports the following mission ministries:

  • This is a mission offering usually collected during December. All the money raised is used to go towards International Missions Board missionaries worldwide. This offering allows 47k Baptist churches across the country to do more for the gospel together than they ever could on their own.

  • This mission's offering supports the work of our North American Missions Board, composed of the United States, Canada, and territories of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa. This includes over two thousand missionaries to these regions. Again, this is an opportunity for 47k churches to do more together than they can apart.

  • Missouri has 1,800 different Southern Baptist Churches. We are one of them; this is our opportunity to partner to make disciples, do collegiate ministry, multiply churches, and develop leaders. We are helping to further the kingdom mission in our state. This includes our support of disaster relief.

  • We also give to our local association. Our association is made up of other churches in our region. Funding our association ensures that we continue to have partnerships with them. It also makes it possible for us to come together and do great kingdom work, partner on mission trips, help to serve other congregations, and keep a gospel presence in all of central Missouri.

  • The cooperative program is the primary funding for our seminaries, colleges and universities, missionaries, Women’s Missionary Union, church planting, and church revitalization. The cooperative program makes Southern Baptist who we are and why we have the impact that we do.

Freshwater Directed Missions

International Missions

Freshwater is committed to making totally committed followers of Christ across the world. It would be a powerful testimony for Freshwater to have made disciples of all the nations. The vision for our church is to eventually have a gospel presence in all the continents of our world. What a testimony it would be of our faithfulness if there were people 100 years from now with people in multiple nations that could trace their encounter with the gospel back to the ministry of Freshwater Church in Jefferson City, MO.

National & State Missions

Our nation is full of other churches desperately needing help. We have churches that are dying and communities without a gospel presence. Freshwater is committed to partnering with churches across our nation to help others do for their communities what we are so passionate about doing for our own. Freshwater is where you can take your spiritual gifts and go out on a mission and be used by the Lord to do mighty things in other regions of our nation. Imagine what it would be like for Freshwater church to make a gospel impact in every region of our nation, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Local Missions

Freshwater is sold out for immersing ourselves in our communities. We have and will have even more opportunities for impacting our region with love, hope, care, kindness, and, most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus. Our goal is to make ourselves so much a part of our region that they could not do life the same without us.