Freshwater Church is a group of Christ followers who are seeking to know, love, and trust Jesus every day of our lives. We come from a variety of different spiritual backgrounds, including Baptist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Atheist, and many more. Although still young, we have big dreams about what God will do through our church in the future. We are not perfect and we don’t have it all together. Rather, we are seeking to become Christ-like through passionate worship and life-long spiritual formation. We exist so that others can know and experience the Jesus that has changed our lives.

On this website you’ll find lots of important information that can help you grasp why Freshwater Church exists. You’ll see our emphasis on connection, spiritual formation, community, and making disciples. You’ll read about why we believe God desires us to become more and more like Jesus and to help others do the same. You’ll notice that we’re involved in planting other churches locally and internationally. You can listen to a sermon or read about what a normal worship service is like. But one thing we want you to know is that you can’t know ‘Who We Are’ without knowing ‘Who He Is’. Freshwater Church exists because of Jesus and fails to have significance without Him. He is the one that has saved us and called us by name. Everything we do must be because of His great love for us.


What to Wear

Freshwater has a very strict dress code and it is as follows: You must be clothed! At our church we have a 'come as you are' approach. Most of us wear jeans or shorts, although some may prefer to dress up. No matter how any of us are dressed, we all just want you to be who you are. Our Lead Pastor wears jeans and a button down shirt on most Sundays.

Where to Go

Freshwater Church meets at 2500 Tanner Bridge Place - JCMO. You'll be greeted at the door with a warm welcome by a Greeter who will hand you a Worship Guide, which will provide valuable information regarding upcoming events and important announcements.

Once Inside the building you'll notice that signage clearly directs you to the check-in table for Freshwater Kids as well as to the Worship Center, which is our main gathering area. Be sure to visit the Connect Table to receive information regarding Life Groups and upcoming events. Grab breakfast and coffee at the Refresh Table (both healthy and not-so-healthy options are available!). Feel free to mingle or find your seat. The services will begin at 9:00 and 10:30 am.

The Worship Service

Freshwater believes in making the time that we spend together as impactful and purposeful as possible. We understand that your time is precious, so our services don’t usually last any longer than an hour. This includes about 20 minutes of opening music, a message from the Bible that usually lasts 30-35 minutes, and a time of reflection, music, offering and scripture reading at the end. Our song selections vary from week to week but usually include relatively new songs with occasional hymns. You might hear some songs you already know, while also being introduced to some songs that you don’t. After the service feel free to hang out for a while. If you dropped off children at Freshwater Kids, you can pick them up down the hall.


Freshwater Church exists to glorify God through advancing the gospel. This begins with our generosity in giving. We celebrate the opportunity to give back to God what he's so generously given us by passing a basket during our worship time (usually at the end of the service). If you are a guest do not feel obligated to give. You also have the opportunity to give by Debit Card at our Giving Kiosk or the Giving Box both located in the Warehouse foyer.