Admin page

This "hidden" page contains forms and other administrative documents you may need access to in order to

assist you in your serving capacity here at Freshwater.  If there are additional items you would like to see posted here,

please contact Joshua Hartley ( or Maribeth Russell (


FW Letterhead - MASTER.docx UPDATED with new address

Preaching Schedule

Advent 2020 through 2021

Partner Updates

Click HERE to see a list of monthly Partner Updates

Policies, Guides, and Procedures

Freshwater Church By-Laws

Inclement Weather Policy

Child Dedication Policy

Child Dedication Paper Form

Staff Evaluation Guide

Connect Table Guidelines

Baptism Procedure

Freshwater Wedding Agreement

Service Details

Schedule a Visit Policy and Procedures

Church Discipline Policy


Purchase Reimbursement Form - 3 per page

Purchase Reimbursement - single form

Tax Exempt Form - with new address

Graphics Request Form - Word Doc

Money Counters' Form

Song Evaluation Form - MS Word

New Partners

Freshwater Church Discipleship Flow

Partnership Packet

Partnership Covenant

Partnership Process Checklist

Partnership Interview Form

Partnership Letter to Transfer to Freshwater Church JC (MSWord)


Elder Handbook


Deacon Lesson Guide

Deacon Nomination Form


Freshwater Terminology

Freshwater Facility Cleaning List

Video Interview Questions - Int'l Disciple-Making Trip

Resources Payment Kiosk Instructions

Online Bible Studies

The Basics - Session 1 - 041320

The Basics - Session 2 & 3 - 042020

The Basics - Session 4 - 050420

The Basics - Session 5 - 051120

The Basics - Session 6 - 051820

The Basics - Session 7 - 060120

The Basics - Session 8 - 060820

Counseling Sessions

Session 1    -     Session 2    -     Session 3

Session 4    -     Session 4b    -     Session 5    -     Session 6

Ministry Structure & Responsibility Descriptions

Ministry Structure

Responsibility Descriptions

Pastoral Residency Handbook

2017 Annual Freshwater Family Meeting

Ministry Objectives


2018 Calendar

Average Attendance

2018 Annual Freshwater Family Meeting

Ministry Objectives

Financials - Nov 2018

2019 Calendar

2019 Budget

Average Attendance - thru Oct 2018

2019 Annual Freshwater Family Meeting

Ministry Objectives

2020 Budget

2020 Events List

Prospectus and Launch Plan for California Campus

Facility Use Calendar Below

Building Reservation and

Information Calendar