We’re so thankful that you are interested in serving the Lord through our weekend for Students. This weekend you will play such a vital role in the life of our students. Serving as a Host Home is an incredible way to model servanthood for our students, while also building friendships with them.

The purpose of this outline is to serve as a guideline for the jobs and responsibilities you have as a Host Home leader. These are merely baseline suggestions. By all means, feel free to exceed them in your efforts to host an environment ripe for meaningful growth in the lives of the students who will be staying with you!


  • Provide breakfast and supper on Saturday
  • Lunch will be provided for students on Saturday.
  • Provide breakfast on Sunday


  • If you are able, help provide transportation at various points throughout the weekend. PLEASE INFORM US HOW MANY YOU CAN TRANSPORT. If you are unable, please let us know so we can assign someone from our transportation team to your house.


  • Provide adequate sleeping space for both the students and the small group leader staying in your home
  • Adequate space may or may not mean beds for each student.
  • As long as there’s enough of a combination of couches, beds, and floor space, you’re good to go!


  • While you are not expected to be involved in the actual small group times, you will need to be present in the home.
  • Small groups are not allowed to be meeting in your home without you or your spouse present.
  • An adult can never be alone with a student in a room, or in the house.
  • There must always be a minimum of two adults, including the small group leader, present in the home.


  • There is no real expectation here, but you’re strongly encouraged to engage students as they interact in your home.
  • Studies show meaningful friendships with “non-parent” adults are critical in faith development for teenagers. Don’t be afraid to get to know these students!
  • Along those lines, you are encouraged (not required) to participate in any activities that you can to further connect with students.

Please sign up by April 3.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call (also, hold on to this number in case of emergencies during the weekend): 847-612-3812.  If you prefer email: