DECEMBER 3, 2024

4-8 pm

Freshwater Church

Join us for our inaugural Global Missions Conference on December 3rd! It promises to be an unforgettable evening for the whole family. Your unwavering support has played a pivotal role in establishing Freshwater as a missional church, allowing us to make a profound impact from our local community to the far reaches of the globe. This event is a momentous celebration of our collective achievements, an opportunity to cast a compelling vision for the coming year, and a chance for you to witness firsthand the transformative power of your generous contributions in spreading the gospel to the nations.

The Global Missions Conference is comprised of two captivating segments:


Step into a world of inspiration with 22 exhibits, each representing a missions organization that benefits from our giving, a mission in which our church actively participates, or a personal partnership opportunity for you. This interactive experience is suitable for both adults and children, offering you the chance to engage with passionate individuals dedicated to sharing the gospel worldwide. Discover how you can actively contribute to magnifying the name of Jesus and indulge in delicious appetizers available at each exhibit.


The second part of the evening is dedicated to worship, reflection, and vision. As a church, we will come together in worship to celebrate our 2023 achievements and set our sights on the promising prospects of 2024. Our guest speaker, George Pordea, a native of Romania and leading two international mission organizations to reach the people of Romania and Ukraine, will deliver a powerful message based on Galatians 5. Drawing from his experiences growing up under communism, he offers a unique perspective on what it truly means to find freedom in Christ. Join us as he unveils the ways in which we can leverage our freedom in Christ to advance the gospel and expand the kingdom.

This is a night you can't afford to miss. It marks the inaugural Global Missions Conference at Freshwater Church, serving as the grand kickoff for our Global Missions Month and our Global Missions Offering. Witness firsthand how God employs your talents, gifts, and offerings to propel the gospel and extend His kingdom. Additionally, it provides an invaluable opportunity to begin instilling in our children a profound understanding of the monumental work God is accomplishing beyond the walls of our church. Be part of this transformative evening and help shape the future of global missions.