Life groups

If you’ve ever attended an average church worship service, you may have noticed that it’s difficult to interact with other people. Between the music, the teaching from God’s Word, and the time of personal reflection, it might seem hard to ever really get to connect with others. This is why Life Groups exist.

We believe that God’s Word (the Bible) is best taught, understood, and applied in the context of Biblical Community. We also believe that Biblical community is best experienced in small groups of believers meeting on a regular basis to study God’s word and live life together. These small groups are called ‘Life Groups’ and function both as an avenue of Spiritual Formation but also as an avenue to experience true, heartfelt, biblical community.

A typical Life Group meeting includes a time of prayer and sharing, a lesson from God’s Word, and a time of fellow-shipping with the other partners. Life Groups are typically very informal and give everyone an opportunity to be themselves in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Our Life Groups are also ‘On Mission’ together in at least one capacity every semester. You might see them serving together in a benevolent ministry, telling others about Jesus, or going on a mission trip together. Being ‘On Mission’ together helps to ensure that our church remains focused on Jesus and others. 

Our Life Groups have ‘Open Enrollment’, meaning that you can begin attending at any time. For more information contact our Minister of Disciple Making, Ben Wright, at

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