DISCIPLESHIP 101:  Growing in Christ & Helping

Others Grow Along the Way


February 20 - May 15

Our 11-week Spring EQUIP Semester will take us back to the basics of what Discipleship is all about. Do you want to learn how to grow in Christ? Do you want to learn how to help others grow in the Christian faith? Have you ever considered why this is important and want to learn more? Then we encourage you to join us for fellowship around God’s word. We will cover the following topics around discipleship.

Why Disciple?  Overcoming Barriers & Excuses

What is Gospel-Centered Discipleship?

The Importance of Personal Holiness and How to Go About It

Discipling in the Local Church

Encouraging Careful Bible Study

Growing in Prayer

Why and How to Do Evangelism

Creating a Culture that Values Reading

Discipline Through Biblical Counseling

Accountability for Yourself and Others

The Joys and Hazards of Discipleship

TO REGISTER:  email kyle@freshwaterjc.com