Freshwater Students exist to help students (7th-12th) become totally-committed followers of Jesus Christ through Christ-centered teaching, meaningful relationships, and family-oriented discipleship. We desire to see our students: grow in their relationship with Jesus, be equipped to thrive in their schools, and prepared for life after high school.

Various venues for spiritual growth include:

  • Youth group: Wednesday nights (beginning Oct 21) from 6:00-8:00 pm where we gather for large group teaching, small group discussions based on age and sex, and fun games.
  • A variety of special events: we aim to have at least one fun event a month for students.
  • One-to-One Bible reading: An opportunity for a student to read the Bible with a trusted leader for 20 minutes before or after service or youth group.
  • For more information, contact Alan Earls at
  • EQUIP - a newsletter that equips parents of Freshwater Students to disciple their teens.

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