What's a Life Group

At Freshwater, we have a vision to be a church that is making disciples by leading the people of our community and world into a totally committed relationship with Jesus Christ. Life Groups serve as the primary way to fulfill this vision. A Life Group is a community of Christians seeking to know and love Jesus more as they live life together on mission as disciples who make disciples. Each Life Group runs year round and are completely open for anyone to attend.

Life Groups are made up of three key components: Family, Worshipper, and Missionary.


A Life Group is a community of Christians. In others word, a Life Group is a family. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, God takes rebellious orphans and reconciles them to Himself and to one another. This is why Life Groups are not just another event to add on to the schedule. They literally do life together as a family. Life Groups share meals together, serve one another, fellowship together, rejoice and mourn with one another. This is what makes a Life Group more than just a Bible study or prayer group. They are family.


A Life Group is seeking to know and love Jesus more. In Acts 2:42-47, not only was the early church a family but they were a family seeking after Jesus together. They read the Bible together, prayed for one another, and met each other’s needs all to grow in their love and obedience to Christ. Their actions were a result of a great work being done in their hearts by the Holy Spirit. We call this worship. Our hope is to see the same in our Life Groups. Life Groups will spend the majority of their time together studying the Bible, praying for one another, and growing in obedience to Christ’s command.


A Life Group lives life together on mission as disciples who make disciples. We take seriously the command Jesus gave each Christ-follower to make disciples. This means we invest in the lives of others in hopes to see them come to know, love, and trust Jesus. Not only this, but we train those we are discipling to disciple others. In Life Group, we are being equipped so that we can one day be sent out to equip others all for the fame of Jesus!

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