Staff Evaluation Guide

PURPOSE - First and foremost, the Annual Staff Review is a time of affirmation and support.  The method of evaluation is meant to focus on both what the staff member has done well and how his/her ministry has enhanced the accomplishment of the mission of Freshwater Church.  This evaluation is meant to make the staff member feel and know that they are an important part of the Leadership Team.

Second, it is a time for encouragement that should challenge the staff member to look forward to next year’s work with a positive attitude.  Our desire is that the staff member would leave the evaluation process enthusiastically anticipating the next year of ministry. 

Third, it is a time for productive criticism.  Our goal is that all staff would be operating at 100% efficiency and effectiveness.  In reality, none of us are currently as effective and efficient as we could be.  The staff evaluation will focus our energy into what areas we need to improve.  Any perceived need of improvement should always be seen through the lens of our church mission.  Remember that we are more concerned with capitalizing on and perfecting your greatest strengths than we are on forcing you to be awesome at everything?

GUIDELINES - This evaluation process is not a one-sided, supervisor to staff member process. Rather, it is a conversation between the one doing the evaluation and the staff.  The process therefore focuses on the staff and their relationship with God, their family, and their particular ministry setting.  All staff except for the Lead Pastor will be evaluated by the Lead Pastor.  The Lead Pastor will be evaluated by the Elders.  Information for the evaluation is gathered through Self, Peer, and Spouse Assessment forms.  All forms can be seen in the ‘Forms’ section of this Guide.

EXPECTATIONS - The expectations for the Annual Staff Review Process are two fold.  First, it is expected that the staff member would be able to express concerns and frustrations concerning their position at Freshwater and that the Leadership of the Church would act in accordance with (when considered reasonable) correcting their concerns.  Second, it is expected that each staff member would leave the process aware of real, tangible ways and areas that they need to improve.

PROCESS - The Annual Staff Review Process will generally begin in the Fall by collecting information from the staff members peers and spouse.  A self-assessment form will also be mailed out to the staff member.  Once the completed evaluation forms are received the Lead Pastor and assigned Elder will schedule a meeting with each staff member to review the information and implement any needed discipleship processes.  This will usually take place in November.  A Personal Discipleship Plan will be built during that meeting and will be finalized by Dec 1.  The timeline of activities will be close to the following:


     2020 Self-Assessment Form

     2020 Spouse Assessment Form

     2020 Peer Assessment Form

     Personal Discipleship Plan Information (Read First)

     2020 Personal Discipleship Plan Form


     Staff Evaluation Guide (Full Paper Copy - PDF)