Church Family - For 5 years, our church family has waited for God's perfect time to build our first building.  Freshwater has seen lives transformed and its attendance grow to be in the top 10% of MBC churches without owning its own building!  It is now exciting to realize that the right time has finally arrived to launch this historic project for our congregation.  Not only will a new worship center, youth area, and children's area benefit us today, but it will be the foundation for all the future ministry of the church.  We have an opportunity now before us to make a difference for eternity!

Our goal is to raise $785,000 so we can begin to build on the Tanner Bridge property.  The cost of the building we need for our church family is too great for only a few to carry.  It will take all of us sacrificing together.  But if each of us does his or her part, we know we can reach this goal.

The theme of our Time to Build Campaign is Equal Sacrifice, not Equal Gifts.  This way everyone, from the young child to our oldest attender can have a part in this project.  We believe God is going to use each of us in some way to do a miracle and we're looking forward to reporting back to you on Victory Sunday the results of what God has done!  Thank you!

Joshua Hartley

1.  Give a Cash Gift

Ask God for creative ways to increase your gift.  From savings, tax refunds, stock dividends, garage sales, an extra part-time job, reducing expenses, deferring a major purchase, etc.  Involve your whole family in raising a specific amount.

2.  Make a 36 Month Giving Pledge

You can give far more when it's spread out over time.  Please take advantage of this option as well as giving cash.

3.  Give a Gift of Assets

Additionally you can give real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, gold, boats, etc.

4.  Make Freshwater Church a Beneficiary in Your Will

There are many tools available now that can enable you to include your church in your estate WITHOUT depriving your heirs of anything.

Commitment Day:  November 18, 2018

On the weekend before Thanksgiving, we'll each bring our cash offerings and commitment cards to one of the two services.  Our Time To Build commitments are to be what we intend to give "over & above" our regular tithe during the next 36 months.  Use the following link to submit your commitment card online.     Time To Build Online Commitment Card

To raise the funds that will allow Freshwater JC Church to begin constructing a building that can be utilized to better accomplish our mission of advancing the gospel in our community for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ.

The building will be designed to provide an effective tool that will assist our congregation to gather for passionate worship of our gracious God, to raise up mature disciples, to train up our children and youth, to serve our community, to minister to the hurting and broken, and to be a beacon of the gospel so the lost may be found and the kingdom of God increased.

Equal sacrifice...not equal gifts.

To "sacrifice" means to willingly give the best I have for a greater purpose.  While we all cannot give the

same amount, we all can sacrifice somehow.  This way everyone can have a part.  For some, a "sacrificial"

gift given over 3 years may be $1,000.  For others, a "sacrifice" may be closer to $100,000.  God will

impress a specific amount on your heart if you sincerely ask Him to speak to you.