Goal #3  -  Construction Needs

California campus launch plan

With Goals 1 & 2 of our California Campus Launch Plan completed, we are now ready to start working on Goal #3 - Construction of 2nd Floor Classrooms and Bathrooms.  Jimmy Jester will lead this phase of our launch.  Construction needs will be similar to those needed to frame or remodel a residential home.  Here is a list of construction jobs that will need to be completed.

Framing (wood) -- layout of walls, doors, headers, stand up plumb/level

Electrical (1 phase 120/240V) -- pull wires from electrical panel to switch/outlet and light boxes

Plumbing (Pex & Scheduled 40) -- plumbing water supply and drain for bathrooms; set sinks, toilets, and 1 shower/tub unit

Sheetrock -- hang ceilings, walls, tape, much, and finish

Painting -- paint walls (latex paint, cleans up with water)

General Construction -- maybe none of the above are your daily job/career or hobby but you want to help … don't worry there's plenty to do!

In order to get a general idea of how many participants are willing to help in the above listed areas, please fill out the information requested below.  Please be sure to select ALL of the areas you feel you could participate in.  Watch for work dates and times to be scheduled soon!  Question...contact Jimmy Jester at jesterjimmy925@gmail.com or 573-280-9193.