Dear Parents,

You are receiving this letter because you have a child scheduled to attend CentriKid Camp with Freshwater in July.

I'm heartbroken to tell you about a recent development with CentriKid Camp.  In June, a 2019 CentriKid Camp Staffer was arrested and charged with multiple counts of child molestation.  A press release was immediately made by Brad Waggoner, the acting CEO of Lifeway (the parent company of CentriKid and the publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention).  The perpetrator was immediately fired by CentriKid and the local Sheriff's department was immediately notified.  You can read the press release HERE.  

Although the likelihood of an event like this occurring again at a CentriKid Camp is incredibly low, we have decided not to attend CentriKid this summer.  Instead, we will be partnering with Concord Baptist Church and attending their children's camp held in Ellington, MO.

  • New Camp Dates are July 29 - Aug 1.  We will gather at and leave from Concord at 8 am (meet at the flagpole outside the old auditorium).  We will be back on Thursday at 5 pm.  Money for 2 travel meals will be needed.  There will be a booklet given to families at drop off that includes camp contact info.
  • Camp will be held at Logan Valley Christian Retreat in Ellington, MO (  Activities include floating the Jacks Fork River (life jackets required and provided!!!), zip lines, and other camp-y activities.  We will also visit Johnson Shut Ins on Monday.
  • Concord currently limits their attendance to children that have just completed 4th-6th grade.  They have agreed, however, to allow us to bring children that have just completed 3rd-5th grade (our 6th graders were encouraged to attend Super Summer).
  • Camp cost is $180 per camper and $40 per adult (ignore the prices listed on Concord's website).  Just like CentriKid, scholarships are available.  If you paid for your child to attend CentriKid, a full refund is available.  If, however, you paid for CentriKid and would now like to send your child(ren) with us as we partner with Concord, a partial refund will be coming your way.
  • Shasta and I, as well as Linda Gramblin and Anna Sanders will be attending as adult leaders. A physician will also be in attendance.
  • There is an informational meeting that you can attend on July 14 @ 12:15 in the old auditorium at Concord.
Again, I apologize for this late development.  We hope that the dates work out well for your family and that your child is able to attend.  To enroll your child, please follow the following steps:
  1. Submit the Children's Camp Registration form BELOW to let us know your child is attending.  Please make ONE submission per child.
  2. Submit the registration form on Concord's website.  For children, please register under the child's registration link.  For adult volunteers, please register using the adult volunteer's link.  Click HERE to access Concord's registration page.
  3. Submit your payment (unless you need a scholarship) TO FRESHWATER!  A check would be ideal (memo "children's camp"), or you can pay using our giving link in the Freshwater app.  Please select "Children's Camp" as your giving fund.  If you need a scholarship, then there is nothing for you to do under this step.
  4. Complete the Medical-Event-Covenant Form (this is a PDF file listed on the Concord Registration page) and return this completed form to me (Joshua) with a copy of your insurance card before July 20.
If you registered your child for CentriKid and you deem that your child will not be going to camp with us, please let me know.

God Bless,