EQUIP 2023

EQUIP is a time we've scheduled to come together to focus our attention on contemporary cultural issues with a biblical perspective.  Five EQUIP events have been scheduled for 2023 (see schedule below).  These evenings are designed to offer information to help you understand what we believe and why we believe it.  Freshwater Elders will take the lead in teaching and guiding us through some tough topics and answer questions that we may have.  During each scheduled EQUIP event, you can count on two messages on the selected topic for that evening.  The elders will release a positional statement following each Equip event as a reference for anyone wanting to know the position of Freshwater Church on these issues. 


CHILDCARE will be available for each scheduled event listed below for children ages birth - 3rd grade.  The fee for childcare is $5/child or a max of $10/family.  Registration is required.   Register HERE.


CHILDCARE HELPERS NEEDED!  Small stipend provided.  If you are interested in helping with childcare, please sign-up HERE.  Separate volunteer sign-up forms will be created for each scheduled event listed below.


January 29 - 5:30 pm


Led By:  Paul Vossen & Robert Strong

March 26 - 5:30 pm


May 28 - 5:30 pm

September 24 - 5:30 pm

November 26 - 5:30 pm