Labor for your neighbor

Sunday, July 22, 2018

(rain date - July 29)

9 am

River Oak Christian Academy

919 Wildwood - JCMO


2018 Project Video

Labor for Your Neighbor (L4YN) is an annual event where Freshwater spends a Sunday morning together out serving our community.  This year's location is River Oak Christian Academy.  River Oak is a local Christian elementary school here in Jefferson City.  They exist to "provide a strong, Biblical foundation and academic excellence within a Christian environment that will prepare students to impact the world for Christ."  River Oak is moving their location to 919 Wildwood.  Our L4YN task is to help them prepare this new facility for the start of the 2018-19 school year!

Childcare is provided onsite at River Oak for children up through 3rd grade for families participating in the L4YN event.  If you anticipate needing childcare, you must enroll your children HERE.


Sign up NOW!  Project teams are listed below.

labor for your neighbor teams

Team registrations can be done on Sundays at the Warehouse, or use the links provided below for online enrollment.

Team 1:  PAINTING  -  Max Size 35  -  Team Leader: Jon Nelson -

This team will paint classrooms, entryways, and chapel.  There will be substantial taping and edging around baseboards and ceiling tiles.  Register.

Team 2:  SHELVING  -  Max Size 16  -  Team Leader:  Dennis Davis -

This team will build wooden shelving for storage or put metal shelves together, mount and hang coat hooks for classrooms, and build cubbies for the younger students.  Register.

Team 3:  LOCKERS  -  Max Size 10  -  Team Leader:  Bert Dirschell -

This team will mount and secure prefabricated lockers in the hallway - may require some disassembly and painting.  Register.

Team 4:  PLAYGROUND  -  Max Size 40  -  Team Leader:  Bryan Dearixon -

This team will paint hopscotch, kickball, and four square courts, assemble a large play set, place mulch or mats, install swing sets, anchor flag pole, and work on a variety of other outdoor games.  Register

Team 5:  CHILDCARE  -  Max Size 8  -  Team Leader:  Tiffani Muessig -

This team will provide childcare onsite at River Oak for children up through 3rd grade for families working the L4YN event.  


Team 6:  LUNCH  -  Max Size 8  -  Team Leader:  Cinthia Paynter -

This team will prepare lunch at the Warehouse and serve it onsite at River Oak for approximately 120 people.  Register.