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marriage Conference with Dr. Paul David Tripp

Somehow, someway, every marriage becomes a struggle...but it doesn't have to!  If you want to enjoy a beautiful, lifelong relationship, you will need something deeper than romance, shared interests, and mutual attraction.  According to best-selling author and marriage expert Dr. Paul David Tripp, you need realistic expectations, and you need radical commitments.  Most importantly, you need grace.  In this livestream event, Dr. Tripp will teach you how to develop a relationship of unity, understanding and love with your spouse. 

This livestream event will be held February 2-3 at the Warehouse - Freshwater Church JC.  Childcare is provided. All proceeds go towards Freshwater Students summer camp costs.

Friday, February 2 -- 6-9 pm

Saturday, February 3 -- 8-11 am

Cost is $10/adult

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