New Building

At the 2017 Annual Family Meeting, Freshwater Church met to discuss the future building that will be constructed on the land owned by the church on Tanner Bridge.  We reviewed plans and watched a video walkthrough of the video.  All finishes (such as colors, etc.) will change.

Walk Through Video - click here

Building Plan - click here

Building Design - click here

After receiving a professional estimate for the construction of the building, the Elders have decided to focus on achieving the following objectives at the property.

  • First, we will be focusing on cleaning, clearing, and grading the property.
  • Second, we will put in a box culvert so that the additional access point to the property is in place.  This will make the property directly accessible from Lorenzo Green Blvd.
  • Third, we would like to have the architect fee as well as the cost for the site work and box culvert entrance paid for.

When these objectives are completed, we will then pause the construction process in order to begin saving money for the future construction of the building.