As Aisle Host, you are in a position to make a positive impact for attendees, and you are an integral part of the First Impressions Ministry of Freshwater Church.


Aisle hosts will work out amongst themselves which will be stationed at the back inside each of the three doors to the sanctuary.

Greet everyone with a kind word and a smile.  Please stand inside the sanctuary at the back near the entryways to the sanctuary.  

There are three Aisle Hosts scheduled for each service. Aisle Hosts need to be visible to attendees as they arrive at the back of the seating area in the sanctuary.

One aisle host should be at the back near each of the three doors to the sanctuary at all times in order for the three aisle hosts to handle seating needs throughout the entire sanctuary.

Be on the lookout for first-time attendees who may be hesitant about where to sit.

For those special guests attending someone’s baptism, you will want to escort them near the baptistry and help them find adequate seating with their family and friends.


-Welcome everyone who walks by you as they enter the back of the sanctuary and offer assistance in finding a seat.  It is important to be proactive in engaging those looking for seating in order for them to feel welcomed.

-If you are not at a door then help others find seats in the worship center. This will become more important as the service begins.

-Help those coming in late to find a seat, you may have to ask others to slide in.

-Decide which two of the aisle host team will count the worship center after the kids have been dismissed.

-After the service ends, please be available in your aisles to assist anyone with special needs such as those in wheelchairs, those using walkers, those on crutches, etc.