The primary purpose of a Door Host is to greet attendees with a friendly, welcoming greeting, and a smile.  

As Door Host, you are our first impression and you are an integral part of the First Impressions Ministry of Freshwater Church.

As well, as a Door Host, you will look for new attendees and direct them to the Welcome Table which is now covered by people who will help the new attendees know where to go to check kids in, to attend worship service, find refreshments, etc.  

Since your primary purpose is greeting people, you will simply hand off the new attendee to the Welcome Table volunteers by making a quick introduction, and returning to your door in order to not miss other attendees.


-Greet everyone with a kind word and a smile. Please stand near the front entryway, either outside the door or right inside the door.  

-Greet everyone with a warm smile and assist them in any way possible. This is best done by passing them along to the Welcome Table team.

-The biggest and best impression we can make is to make people feel welcome! The worst thing we can do is to let someone come into church and leave without being spoken to.

-As you are at the door please be mindful of suspicious or unusual activity, if you see something say thing to either a member of our security team (Black name tags) or to one of our deacons.


-Show up 15mins before service begins.

- Greet everyone with a warm and friendly smile.

-Move people along to the Welcome table in order that you do not miss a chance to greet the next guest.

-Remain at least 15mins after service has begun.

-Keep return to your door to hold up door and to say good-bye to people on the way out. As soon as someone has replaced you for the next service you are free to go.

-Please wear your lanyard upon arrival.