Freshwater Kids Frequently Asked Questions

We are glad that you are interested in Freshwater Kids where we seek to welcome and teach the life transforming message of the Gospel. Even at their young ages, we seek to allow God to use us to impact them with the understanding of the Gospel and build a solid foundation of truth in a loving and safe environment.

Joining a new church and having your kid participate in a kid’s ministry can be daunting. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to see what we are all about by providing the important information below ahead of time. 

Questions you may have and the important information:

Where do I go when I arrive?
Come on in through the front doors. On the left you will see a lighted up KIDS sign. There you will find a check in table. Come on by and we will be happy to help you sign up your children and show you around.

Who is allowed to be with a child?
Only ones that have had a complete background check.

How many adults will be present in a classroom?
There will always be at least 1 adult in a classroom, though we strive to have 2 adults assigned in each classroom.  If there is only 1 adult available, a youth helper will be assigned to assist.

How and where should children go to the bathroom?
From the nursery up to the 5-K room, there are jack and jill bathrooms in every classroom. Children can use the potty by themselves and come out in the classroom to wash their hands. 1st grade-6th grade can use the bathrooms in the main children’s hallway with a supervising adult waiting in the hallway.

Who and how will diapers be changed?
Diapers will be changed in the classroom by an adult with another adult in the room.

How old do student leaders need to be, and how are they trained?
We welcome students who desire to serve in FW Kids! Students that are 7th-8th grade are welcome to serve in Nursery-5K, while Freshman-Seniors can serve Nursery-6th grade. Students are encouraged to attend the training meetings that we have twice a year, and if they have an email can sign up for our weekly emails that will have training resources, along with important information that helps keep all those who serve up-to-date.

How do you handle children who come to church sick, and what are the measures you will use to determine when they are a threat to the health of other children?
If a child comes into church sick, they will kindly be returned to their parents to ensure others are not exposed. If they have a fever or say they are not feeling well, their parents will be notified and the child will be taken out of the class.

How will you handle a stranger who is lingering in the children’s area?
The children’s area is locked during the service and is not accessible. If there is someone found lingering, a member from the security team will address them and remove them from the children’s area.

At what age is it no longer appropriate for a child to sit on an adult’s lap?
We understand that kids can get worked up when their parents leave for the service and need help through the process. For children that are Nursery-3-year old’s this may mean holding your child or lap sitting as they calm down. For children that are 4+ year old’s we strongly advise teachers to be brief with appropriate touches: hugs, pats on shoulder/back, high fives, arms around shoulders. If a child is insistent in sitting on a leaders lap, then we advise that they sit on the ground next to them instead of sitting on the lap.

Which doors are locked during FW Kids?
All door leading to the kid’s courtyard are locked during service times and not unlocked until after the service is over. The emergency exit in the kids hallway is always locked and is only there for an emergency evacuation.

Which doors are unlocked during FW Kids?
All kids classrooms will be unlocked and accessible through the secured children’s wing.

Which volunteers will get background checks, and how often must those background checks be renewed?
Every volunteer has had a successful background check and it will be renewed every 2 years.

Who can a child be dismissed to?
A child will only be dismissed to the adult picking them up that has the matching numbered tag. If tag is lost, please visit the kids check-in station for assistance.

At what age can children leave the classroom without a parent picking them up?
All children must be picked up by an adult with a matching sticker.

What are the emergency procedures if a child is lost?
The security team and parents will immediately be notified. The security team will search inside and outside the building until the child is found.

If a child is presenting danger to other children, what procedures should the teachers follow?
The child will immediately be separated from the other children and a Freshwater Kids worker will notify a security team member, who will then notify the parents.

How can teachers be aware of food allergies to prevent introducing foods that can create an allergic reaction?
All children who have food allergies will have it written on their tag. Before a teacher gives any snack to a child, they will look at their tag to make sure they do not have a food allergy.

How are accusations of abuse to be handled?
If you find that any one from our team is breaking our policies and/or acting in a way that is inappropriate with your child, please inform Ethan Anderson immediately. We will have a sit-down meeting with one of our elders to determine the best course of action.

How often are toys and furniture in children’s ministry rooms sanitized?
We advise those that serve in the second service to clean our toys before they leave. All classrooms are cleaned throughout the week as well.

We hope that you found this information helpful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Ethan Anderson, our Next Gen Director, HERE.