Go Therefore and make disciples of all nations...



ON MISSION means being ready to serve the Lord wherever you are at. We believe that everyone should be ON MISSION as a Christ Follower. At Freshwater there are lots of different opportunities to be involved in. We would love to help you get involved. If you are unsure what your want to be involved with, let us know, we would love to help come along side you and navigate where to get you plugged in.

You can serve Freshwater. There are lots of incredible opportunities for you to use your God given talents and skills.

You can also go on a mission's trip. This is going to a different state or a different country to share the Gospel with others.

You can also serve in our LOVE|JC. LOVE|JC is what Freshwater does to give back to the community. We have two large events every year;Labor for your Neighbor (L4YN) and our Fall Festival. While we do these two major events, LOVE|JC is an all year opportunity to reach and love on our community.


Unsure where to be ON MISSION at? No Worries!