Each and every service, the Parking team, is made up of dedicated volunteers, who have the distinct opportunity to make a positive impression on our

This is the only ministry team that influences every person who drives onto
our campus.

To regular attendees or members, they are the first to extend a warm, friendly greeting.

To guests, you are a very important first impression of our church.


- Parking host manage the flow of our parking lot and provide added security that will make our congregation and guests happy and safer.

-Check the local weather forecast and come prepared to be outside.

-Welcome people with a warm, friendly greeting.

-Manage the flow of traffic by ushering cars into spaces in a safe and feasible manner.

-Protect the safety of our pedestrians.

-Pray silently for attenders as they arrive.

-Greet all first-time guests warmly and make them feel welcome.

-Answer guest questions and concerns as needed.

-Provide a warm and hospitable atmosphere that reflects the values and mission of the church.

-Attend periodic training sessions.


-Willingness to be outside in the elements

-A friendly and outgoing personality to greet partners and guest of Freshwater.

-A passion for serving others and sharing the love of Christ with guests.

-Familiarity with Freshwater Ministries and ability to answer great questions.

-Ability to communicate with other team members when directing traffic

-Communicate with other volunteers and team leaders when unable to serve on a scheduled date.

-Wear appropriate weather gear and yellow vest.