As Service Host, you are in a position to make a positive impact for attendees, and you are an integral part of the First Impressions Ministry of Freshwater Church.

Remember, you are volunteering to make attendees feel at home, feel welcome, and feel appreciated.  While it is fun and tempting to visit with your family and friends while serving, remember to intentionally engage directly with attendees throughout your time of serving.

Please note the First Impressions team now has three aisle hosts assigned to each service to handle needs inside the sanctuary.  You will not normally need to assist people in finding seats nor will you need to take attendance.  These duties are now assigned to the aisle hosts.


- Welcome everyone who walks by you as they enter the service area and offer the sermon notes and worship guide to those entering the sanctuary.

-Open the doors for those coming into the worship center.

-Take care of any messes that may be made during the service.

-Receive the offering and take the offering to be deposited.


-Arrive 15mins before service begins.

-Wear your lanyard, found in the coffee/resource closet.

-Open the worship center doors 15mins prior to service ending.

-Greet everyone with a warm and welcoming smile.

-Hand out sermon notes and worship guides at the door.

-Once the band music begins close the doors to the worship center.

-When the last song is playing cover the doors and have the offering baskets ready to receive the tithe. Once the song ends open the worship center doors and say good-bye to those who are leaving.

-Two of the three service hosts together will take the offerings to the safe in the admin office and deposit them.  Please place the offering in one of the plastic envelopes and deposit it in the safe.  If you are serving for first service, return the three empty offering baskets to the sound booth wall.  If you are serving for the second service, place the three empty baskets on top of the safe in the admin office.